Persevering the Pandemic: Find Faith, Hold Hope, & Embrace Charity

The text below is Danny Scalise’s address to the graduates of Alderson Broaddus University’s Graduate Programs from August 21, 2020 Thank you Dr. Barry for that wonderful introduction. To Dr. Barry, Dr. Propst, the Board of Governors, the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, thank you for for the privilege of spending this time withContinue reading “Persevering the Pandemic: Find Faith, Hold Hope, & Embrace Charity”

COVID-19 and Religion

I am troubled by the recent precipitous increase in the cases of COVID-19, some of which are happening in churches. Most experts know that we will see what is known as a second wave. As a Catholic, I understand the desire to return to the Sunday morning worship services. Catholics have an obligation to attend Mass, though our Bishop has wisely lifted that obligation during the pandemic. I am truly worried about the spread of COVID-19 that is happening in religious institutions.